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Mélanie 16 July 2020

The new Kaabo Skywalker 8H

The story of the Skywalker 8H It is the urban electric scooter of the…

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Mélanie 19 March 2020

Kaabo electric scooter spares

At Kaabo we offer a wide range of spare parts. This allows you to…

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Mélanie 6 March 2020

Discover all Kaabo dealers all over France

Discover in this article all the resellers of the Kaabo brand all over France….

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Mélanie 28 February 2020

Choose your Kaabo electric scooter, our tips

This guide will help you choose the best electric scooter that's right for you….

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Mélanie 21 February 2020

Discover the Kaabo Skywalker range of electric scooters

After discovering the Kaabo Mantis and the Wolf Warrior, we will focus on the…

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Mélanie 14 February 2020

Kaabo Wolf Warrior, the all-terrain electric scooter

The Kaabo brand is well known all over the world and stands out for…

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Mélanie 10 February 2020

Kaabo Mantis electric scooters

Discover in detail all Kaabo Mantis electric pallet models.

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Antoine 28 November 2019

Electric scooters: universal charging stations in Paris

Les bornes à recharges universelles à Paris, une première It's all new, you'll soon...

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