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The new Kaabo Skywalker 8H

Mélanie 16 July 2020 0 commentaire

The story of the Skywalker 8H

It is the urban electric scooter of the Kaabo brand. The Skywalker 8H is one of the most coveted. The Skywalker's original design and capabilities are a sensation. 

If you're looking for a scooter that goes everywhere, light and comfortable, the Skywalker is perfect for you. This Skywalker collection has been specially designed to accompany you everywhere. At Kaabo, we worked on lightness, manoeuvrability and capacity

Skywalker 8, 8H or 8S scooters are everywhere. Whether it's on a daily basis or for occasional outings, they won't disappoint you.

The first version of the Skywalker 8H

Released a few years ago, the Skywalker 8H is an unrivalled success. Particularly urban and easily handy it makes the happiness of all Kaabo users. 

The Skywalker 8H has a 350W engine and a 36V battery. This allows him to be able to drive at 35 km/h (on private track). On the contrary, for use on public roads, the scooter will not go beyond 25 km/h.

This first Model of Skywalker already has beautiful curves and capabilities. Many of you have chosen the Skywalker for its unique design and numerous amenities. It offers you a safe and enjoyable ride experience.

But at Kaabo, we keep wanting the best for our riders. This pushes us to make even more improvements to this scooter, to your delight.

The latest version of the Kaabo Skywalker 8H

Always in a desire for improvement and constant innovation, Kaabo offers you a brand new 2020 version of the Skywalker 8H. For this latest release, we offer some improvements and changes.

Now the Kaabo Skywalker 8H is available in three different colours. You can choose between black, blue and red

Another important point is that it is possible to choose between two different battery powers. So you can choose to opt for the 10.4Ah battery or the 18.2Ah. The difference between these two models is that the 18.2Ah will have a greater range. 

What really changes about this new Skywalker 8H model?

  • New chassis
  • New grip
  • Side LED under deck

With this new chassis, it's easier to access the inside of the scooter deck. If you need to see or manipulate the battery or other component, all you have to do is unscrew the screws on the deck.

The new more design grip on the deck gives the Skywalker 8H a whole new look. 

Finally, the presence of LEDs on the sides of the deck gives it a whole new design. These LEDs can also be visible day and night.

What stays unchanged on the new Skywalker 8H

The Skywalker 8H remains visually unchanged. It keeps its wide deck, front and rear suspensions, drum brake or 8-inch tires. 

It's also practical and easy to carry thanks to its foldable handles and 16kg featherweight. Its display also remains unchanged as well as its front and rear lights.

Thanks to its many qualities and equipment, the Kaabo Skywalker 8H is the perfect scooter for everyday commutes. You'll stand out from the crowd with its unique design and innovative lines.

Find all the features of this model directly on our website.

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