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Kaabo electric scooter spares

Mélanie 19 March 2020 0 commentaire

At Kaabo we offer a wide range of spare parts. This allows you to change a particular piece on your electric scooter. These pieces are original. This means that they are all compatible with Kaabo models. So, find out more about our spare parts in this article. 

Kaabo spare parts

Kaabo, spare parts and electric scooters

We could see in different articles all ranges of electric scooters Kaabo. Whether it's the Kaabo Mantis, Skywalker or Wolf Warrior, Kaabo scooters have no secrets for you anymore.

Now that you know everything about our different models of electric scooters, it's time to introduce you to our spare parts.

Why Kaabo spare parts?

Electric scooters are made up of a multitude of parts that can be changed and replaced. Indeed, some parts can wear out faster, for example. That's why having access to these different parts is a real advantage. So whether you need to change a fender, a fire or even a brake it is possible. 

It is also possible to want to change an element of his scooter to change his appearance or even his technical abilities. This is possible via our website. Indeed, you can find on our website a multitude of rooms to make improvements. 

However, you should be careful because some parts can be difficult or risky to change. In these cases it is best to call on a professional or technician who knows well.

More details on Kaabo spare parts

All our Kaabo spare parts are available on our partner's website: E-Ride. Thus, these parts are specific according to the models of our scooters. Indeed, depending on the different models the parts change. The wheels, brakes, suspensions, engines or batteries are not the same. 

Depending on the Skywalker models, Mantis and Wolf Warrior the parts change. They can change size completely or simply change size depending on the model. This is why it is important to choose the right part based on the electric scooter model. If you don't choose the right part, it can have a bad impact on your car. 

It is the importance of being well informed about the spare parts to be purchased but also about the steps to take to change these parts. 

Our advice: be sure to know the quality before you buy a part and if possible seek the advice of an expert. For any advice you can contact us on social networks, by email or by phone directly. 

Whichever piece you're looking for, you'll definitely find it on our partner site. 
These parts are certified original and are therefore of a high quality. When you buy Kaabo spare parts you have to pay attention to the seller or resellers because the quality can be more or less good. That's why, in order to be sure that you can offer a longer life to your car, you have to be careful about the choice of spare parts.

The most requested spare parts by electric scooter users

In today's market, there are a large number of spare parts. Whether it's our Kaabo parts or other brands. That's why you have to know which parts to change depending on the problem or the wish. We then find pieces that come out of the lot and are a little more in demand than others. 

Among these spare parts are:

  • Tires

The electric scooter is a means of movement, which is why tires play an important role. Indeed, you have to choose quality tires. However, even if these tires are of quality, they will wear out over time and this is quite normal. When you need to change one of your tires, you have to choose them so that it lasts as long as possible. 

For your safety, it is important to change the tires of your scooter regularly. This can also be an opportunity to give a new style to your car. 

  • Batteries

It is by far one of the most important spare parts. Indeed, the battery can give power and autonomy to your electric scooter. There are two types of batteries: Lithium and Lead batteries. These two models have different capabilities. Indeed, one will be more powerful and will bring more autonomy than the other. 

If you decide to change the battery of your electric scooter, pay attention to the model you choose and its power. Indeed, if it is too powerful for the size of your scooter it can have consequences.

  • Chargers

Your charger may be tired as a means of using it. Indeed, over time the chargers can struggle to recharge your scooter. This then results in a longer charging time, which can be very unpleasant. In addition, the charger may no longer work at all. That is, he no longer recharges the scooter. In both cases, a solution must be found.

So you can find in spare parts all our chargers that each correspond to a Kaabo model. So you can continue to enjoy your scooter in problems. 

  • the brakes

The braking system of your Kaabo electric scooter should not be overlooked. The brakes are paramount to your safety. Indeed, it is thanks to them that you can stop. This is also useful if you need to make an emergency stop.

Like other spare parts, brakes may experience weaknesses. The largest step is to monitor them and make changes if necessary.

If you feel that your braking quality is not as effective as it used to be, it's like you need to tighten them. In another case, the brakes may drop. This can be explained by their condition and use. But don't panic, you can change them to bring a new life to your electric scooter. 

There are a multitude of spare parts that exist and are available on our partner site E-Ride. So you can change and repair a lot of parts of your machine without problems.

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