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Discover all Kaabo dealers all over France

Mélanie 6 March 2020 0 commentaire

Discover in this article all the resellers of the Kaabo brand all over France. So, wherever you are in France, find the Kaabo store closest to you.


Known in the electric scooter market, Kaabo is sold in France by a large number of different stores. So discover all Kaabo dealers all over France. Whether you are in the North, the South, the West or the East of France, find the dealer near you

Kaabo, the most in-demand brand on the market

Before we introduce us to our dealers, let's talk a little more about Kaabo. Created in 2013, Kaabo is now one of the market leaders. A direct competitor to Minimotors, Kaabo has distinguished itself with unique and original models. Kaabo electric scooters are also very powerful and powerful

As we have already been able to present them to you, the different ranges of the brand allow to reach as many people as possible. Indeed, depending on your morphology, your needs or even desires, opt for the model that suits you. 
You can then find the Kaabo Skywalker, Mantis and Wolf Warrior. These three ranges of electric scooters have different models with different abilities. Also, the design and template will change. This allows Kaabo to adapt to its various consumers.

Our various dealers all over France

Do you live in France and would like to acquire or simply have more information about Kaabo? Don't worry, our French dealers are here to help. We will then list you and present our many Kaabo dealers.


e-wheel - dealers all over France

E-Roue is one of the first French and European stores to market electric scooters and monowheels." Opened in Paris in 2014, E-Roue aims to democratize the use of the Electric Monoroue. The brand now has a wide selection of electric scooters, Monoroues and Electric Skate. 

The E-Roue store is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris and is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It is possible to try the models that interest you to familiarize yourself with the different products. So you can make your choice easier. 

Sellers who are specialists in electric mobility are there to advise and guide you. They will also answer all your questions, whether technical or not. 

The brand also offers training for gyroroues and organizes regular hikes in the city of Paris. For these hikes, all EPDMs are accepted: electric scooters, E-Skate, Gyroroue or electric bike. 
For more information, visit their website.

Urban Slide

urban sliding - dealer all over France

Also located in Paris, Glisse Urban has two stores in Paris. One is in the 1st and the other in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. This store offers for sale electric scooters, electric skates or Gyroroues and electric bikes.  

Open all week from Monday to Saturday, the shops welcome you and advise you according to your needs and desires. Urban Slide offers models such as Kaabo Mantis, Skywalker and Wolf Warrior. A wide range of Kaabo that allows you to have the choice and to be able to com
pare them. Find Urban Slide also on their website.


mobilitix - dealer all over France

With 3 stores in France, Mobilitix also specializes in the sale of EPDM. Indeed, the brand offers electric scooters and gyroroues. Among all the models that the stores offer, the Kaabo brand is present. You can then choose between the Skywalkers and the Mantis. 

You can find Mobilitix stores in Rennes, Alençon and Le Mans from Tuesday to Saturday. If you live near these cities, then you can go to one of these stores to see and/or try one of the different models available. 

Mobilitix advises its customers on choosing the best electric scooter, gyroroue or electric skate. In addition, by going to Mobilitix, you benefit from a fast and efficient after-sales service. That's not all, you can also rent electric scooters.

Find all the models and brands in store and on their website.

Mobility Center VDB

Mobility Center VDB - discover dealers all over France

Kaabo is also exported to Belgium. Indeed, the Mobility Center store located in Brussels offers a large number of models of Kaabo electric scooters. The store has a website where it is possible to discover the models. However, it is not possible to order online, you have to go to the store. 

In addition to electric scooters, Mobility Center VDB offers gyros, electric bikes, electric scooters and electric motorcycles. It is then possible to choose from all these products according to your needs. 
Discover Mobility Center in full on their website.


out-fun - discover dealers all over France

Located in Les Angles near Avignon, the Out-Fun store offers Kaabo electric scooters. You can then find the Kaabo Mantis, Skywalker and Wolf Warrior in their shop and on their website.  The brand is one of the many Kaabo retailers throughout France.

So if you live near Avignon Out-Fun is there to help and accompany you. In addition to electric scooters, the store offers Monoroues, Electric Skates, Electric Scooters and electric bikes. 

You can also find a large number of equipment for urban gliding. You can find all the brands and models of the brand on the website.


weebot - dealers all over France

A store specializing in urban transport, Weebot wants to facilitate the journeys of staff and professionals. The short journeys of about 5 km are now availab to all. 

You can then find electric scooters, scooters, bikes, motorcycles and electric skates for sale. For each type of product, different brands and models are available. So you can choose from the best gear on the market. Kaabo is rendered by Weebot and then offers all models of Mantis, Skywalker and Wolf Warrior.

In this store, you can benefit from personalized support and a SAV. In addition to quality products, you benefit from a high-end service. 

Weebot has a physical store and a website. You can then either go directly to the store or on their website. 

Kaabo has chosen to collaborate with all these stores for their quality of service and their desire to make urban mobility accessible to all.  It is thanks in part to this that there are a large number of Kaabo dealers all over France.

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