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Kaabo Wolf Warrior, the all-terrain electric scooter

Mélanie 14 February 2020 0 commentaire

The Kaabo brand is well known all over the world and stands out for its unique and powerful electric scooters. Here, we will see in particular their most powerful model: the Kaabo Wolf Warrior

So find out everything you need to know about this all-terrain electric scooter.

The Kaabo brand, market leader

Created in 2013 in the Philippines, Kaabo has developed to become one of the market leaders in electric mobility. Indeed, thanks to its variety of ranges, Kaabo then established itself in the market of the intelligent short-haul transport industry.

Kaabo is following its own philosophy for its electric scooters: "smart, environmentally friendly, fashionable and innovative". This is certainly why the products appeal so much to the user. 

We can also note the quality of the brand's products. Indeed, his handmade models by the teams of designers make them real jewels of technology. Moreover, thanks to this the brand has developed patented models that brings significant credibility for Kaabo but also for users. 

Unique models! This is one of the brand's most important goals. Indeed, Kaabo has created models capable of going as well on the road and in the paths. The design of these scooters also make them models you won't find anywhere else. Thus, these scooters take you wherever others can't go as a rule.

Kaabo, a wide range of electric scooters

Now that the Kaabo brand has no secrets for you, now discover all of their models. There are three ranges of Kaabo electric scooters, each of which has several variations. This allows the brand to adapt to all the needs and desires of users and thus reach as many people as possible. 

For a start, let's discover the Skywalker range. We will be relatively brief on the subject because we have written you another article exclusively dedicated to this range. 

In this range you can find: 

Aesthetically these three models are identical but their characteristics differ. Indeed, we can see that the engine, the battery, the autonomy or even the speed will change.

The Skywalker 8S will be the most powerful with its 800W engine and 48V13Ah battery. This gives it a range of 45 km. As for the Skywalker 8 and 8H, they have the same 350W engine but different batteries. This results in a difference in range and maximum speed. 

Comfort and safety facilities also vary. Suspensions, brakes, wheels, tires or lights change. You can find the full and details of these electric scooter models directly on our website. 

Discover kaabo

You can also find the Mantis range. This one is more extensive, it has advantages of models. Also, these models are a category at the top and have more elaborate equipment and technical features. 

Indeed, the Kaabo Mantis have a larger size than the Skywalker. Among them are the Kaabo Mantis:

All these models are similar in design but have batteries and motors of different power. Depending on the model, the range and maximum speed will vary. 

For more details on each of these models, visit the product listings on our website. These include all the technical features and equipment of these electric scooters.

Discover Kaabo Mantis

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior, the all-terrain electric scooter


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior Cross Electric Trottinette is powerful and comfortable. This new model comes from a collaboration with the now famous scooter brand MINIMOTORS.

Like other models of the brand, this electric scooter impresses with its outsized features. It also impresses physically thanks to a very sporty look and a fairly high guard. So you won't go unnoticed with its special LED light signature.

Achter kaabo wolf warrior

Technical features

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a very powerful electric scooter that can reach 25 km/h (80km/h on private track) thanks to its two 1200W engines. Its acceleration is one of the most impressive on the market. It competes with the famous Dualtron Thunder and Ultra.

Its power allows it to climb slopes of 45% without any problems. In addition, its reinforced aluminum structure allows it to support a load of 150 kg. This electric scooter also carries a battery that lives up to its performance. So with a high-performance Li-Ion battery of 60V 35 Ah, you can reach up to 150 km in a single charge (depending on driving conditions).

On the comfort and safety side of the scooter 

On the road, this electric scooter is very comfortable thanks to its double fork at the front and its suspensions of very good quality. On the road or on the track, it absorbs the vagaries of the terrain and hangs on all surfaces thanks to its 11.5-inch off-road tires. 

When it comes to safety, its front and rear disc brakes allow for safe and fearless movement even at high speeds.

This powerful electric scooter is certainly very large and will allow you to differentiate yourself from other users. But it remains transportable thanks to its foldable handlebars.  Its crutch also makes it easy and quick to park.

An LCD screen (brand Minimotors) is installed on the handlebars and allows to adjust the driving modes, control the speed or the battery gauge.

In addition, it is possible to plug in 2 2A chargers simultaneously for a quick charge of only 7 hours.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior exists in two different powers. Thus, we can find a model with a 25ah battery and another with a 35ah battery.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior

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