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Kaabo Mantis electric scooters

Mélanie 10 February 2020 0 commentaire

Known all over the world, the Kaabo brand stands out for its products and know-how. Find all Kaabo Mantis electric scooters in this article.

The electric scooter brand Kaabo

Kaabo Australia
Kaabo Logo Australia

One of the biggest competitors of the Minimotors brand, Kaabo continues to grow and innovate. Indeed, Kaabo offers powerful models with a modern design. This delights a large number of users who are looking for unique sensations.

Founded in 2013, the Kaabo brand has independently sought to develop several series of best-selling products. We can then find products such as electric scooters, electric scooters or electric unicycles.

Thanks to excellent quality services and products, the brand registers customers all over the world. Present at the time in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and America. 

A leader in the intelligent transportation industry in China, Kaabo has researched and developed a range of products and obtained more than 10 national patents. The brand adheres to values that are close to its heart and that represent a quality know-how. 

Based on a global vision of manufacturing, the brand is committed to creating an innovative lifestyle that facilitates travel and travel around the world.

Why kaabo?

All its models are built on a strong adherence to its operational philosophy: "smart, environmentally friendly, fashionable and innovative". Both designer and manufacturer, Kaabo can build powerful, high-quality electric scooter models at lower costs. 

All Kaabo electric scooter models

Now that the Kaabo brand has no more secrets for you, let's look in more detail at their different models of electric scooters.

The Kaabo Skywalker

The Kaabo brand presents different ranges and sizes of electric scooters, the first range is called: Skywalker

Kaabo has developed three different models: 

These three models are aesthetically similar but the performance and some equipment differ. 

Unlike the Skywalker 8, the 8H and 8S have more powerful engines and batteries. As a result, they have more range, power capacity and braking. 

You can find in more detail these models of the Skywalker range on our second article or on our website.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, all-terrain electric scooter

The Wolf Warrior 11 is an all-terrain electric scooter with two different powers: 25 Ah and 35 Ah

With more capabilities such as a 1200W dual engine that can speed you up to 80 km/h on a private track. In addition, its 65V25Ah battery gives it an impressive range of 100 km. 

Its 11-inch tires and front and rear hydraulic disc suspensions with EABS will transport you on any path. This off-road scooter gives you the chance to ride both on the road and on the roads. 
Find out more about this Kaabo scooter model on our website.

Focus on the Kaabo Mantis electric scooter range

The Kaabo Mantis

The Mantis range complements the Kaabo brand. With its models, the brand offers users electric scooters with even more capabilities and powers. Wanting to constantly offer unique experiences, the brand never stops to innovate and offer ever more powerful and competent models. 

Discover the Kaabo Mantis, models you won't see anywhere else.

Kaabo Mantis K800

Let's start with the first model in this range, the Mantis K800. Very urban, this electric scooter is very popular with city dwellers. Indeed, it is easy to handle which allows you to ride easily in the city. 

Kaabo Mantis K800
Kaabo Mantis K800 orange

Its 800W engine and 48V13Ah battery will allow you to reach 25 km/h and have a range of 50 km. On a private track, you can drive at 45 km/h. Thus, live an unforgettable and quality experience over short and long distance.

Composed of an aluminum alloy, the Kaabo Mantis K800 is a strong and durable electric scooter. The smallest model in the range is easily transportable thanks to its 23.6 kg. This allows it to be transported everywhere, whether in the trunk of your car or on public transport. 

On the equipment side, its double front suspensions will allow you to cushion the defects of the road and ensure you optimal comfort. In addition, its rear disc brake will allow you significant braking safety. Finally, its 10-inch tires combine with all the equipment for optimum comfort and safety quality. 

This model comes in several colors. So, choose from the many colors available on our website.

Kaabo Mantis Lite

Model above the Mantis K800, the Mantis Lite offers better technical features. Indeed, even if it keeps a similar design, everything is played on the capabilities. 

Kaabo Mantis Lite
Kaabo Mantis Lite Black

A little more powerful than its little sister, the Lite can take you at a maximum speed of 50 km/h on a private track. This is possible thanks to its 800W engine and 48V17.5Ah battery. Autonomy level remains on a beautiful performance of 50 km that allows to make long journeys. 

In terms of safety and comfort, we can observe the presence of a front and rear disc brake but also an electric brake. In addition, its 10" tires and hydraulic suspensions ensure you feel good and comfort optimally when wrinkled. 

The Kaabo Mantis Lite electric scooter is also available in several colours and to discover more on our website.

Kaabo Mantis K2000

It completes the range with its surprising features, the Kaabo Mantis K2000

Kaabo Mantis K2000
Kaabo Mantis K2000 red

With two 1000W engines and a 60V 18.2Ah battery, this model is very similar to the Mantis GT. It offers power and driving comfort to its driver on all terrains.

It offers impressive features for its size: Nearly 60 km/h speed (on private track) and a range of about 60 km. It's enough to drive a good time without the need to recharge. 

Its 10-inch wheels will give you unrivalled driving comfort. Its suspensions and wheels improve comfort, but it also improves safety by ensuring better handling for the user. 
It also has excellent braking thanks to semi-hydraulic brakes. So you can enjoy the speed of your electric scooter safely.

Kaabo Mantis Limited

We continue with the electric scooter Kaabo Mantis Limited. Even if this Mantis Limited takes the base of the other variants type GT, K800 or Lite, it is distinguished by a few elements. 

Kaabo Mantis Limited
Kaabo Mantis Limited Black

Its rear engine has a power of 1500W, which can reach 55 km/h (on private track). There is also a large battery under the deck. This one, 60V 18.2 Ah, can extend the range up to 60 km. On the safety side, this version has semi-hydraulic braking in the front and rear. You'll also be surprised at the comfort and handling provided by the scooter's two tubeless 10" tires.

Kaabo Mantis GT

With the Kaabo Mantis GT, the brand offers a versatile, powerful and modern scooter. With its two engines and its great autonomy, you can use it every day but also during walks. 

Kaabo Mantis GT
Kaabo Mantis GT Red

The GT is the most powerful in the Mantis range. It incorporates two 1000W engines and thus develops a high power. Also equipped with a 60V 24.5Ah battery, you will get a range of about 100 km.

With full hydraulic braking, you'll be perfectly safe on board. Braking is smooth, but it also allows for safe emergency stops. In addition, a quality suspension greatly improves the handling of a model. This will allow you to travel on all or almost all surfaces safely. 

This scooter is also in several colors to discover on our website.

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