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Introducing the Kaabo K800

Antoine 4 December 2019 0 commentaire

Kaabo, la marque de trottinettes électriques

Founded in 2013, Kaabo is known worldwide for its high-quality electric scooters. Today, the brand is positioning itself as a leader in the smart short-haul transportation industry.

Each scooter model is handcrafted to offer ever more efficient and design models. Kaabo offers many models ranging from urban scooters to off-road scooters. This allows everyone to find the right model for them.

Thus, Kaabo provides the best to its dealers and provides patents for each

Les différents modèles de la marque

model. Created a few years ago, Kaabo now offers many models. This allows users to have a great choice based on their needs. 

Among the many models of the brand, the most popular are the Kaabo Mantis, Skywalker and Wolf Warrior.

In the Mantis range there are several variations:

  • Kaabo Mantis Lite
  • La Kaabo Mantis Limited
  • The Kaabo Mantis GT

These different models allow to offer capabilities that vary depending on the engine and battery. 

Similarly, the Skywalker range offers several models:

  • The Kaabo Skywalker 8
  • The Kaabo Skywalker 8H
  • The Kaabo Skywalker 8S

Like the Mantis, the Skywalkers offer its models for which the capabilities of power and equipment change.

Finally, the biggest model of the brand: the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 offers unique features. This off-road scooter allows you to ride on the road as well as the paths.

La Kaabo K800

The K800 electric scooter is the most affordable model of the Kaabo brand. A very urban and sporty new model, the Kaabo K800 has many qualities. I

t has a wealth of assets that are not found everywhere. Indeed, it can reach a maximum speed of 35 km/h (not locked and on private track) and a range of 50 km

This is possible thanks to its 800W engine and 48V13Ah battery. It is also easily transportable thanks to its weight of 23.6 kg. So take your scooter with you everywhere in the transport or in the trunk of your car. 

Move safely and comfortably with the Kaabo K800. It features front/rear disc brakes, 10-inch tires and hydraulic suspensions at the rear. 

Find all the features of the K800 directly on The product sheet.

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