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Electric scooters: universal charging stations in Paris

Antoine 28 November 2019 0 commentaire

Les bornes à recharges universelles à Paris, une première

It's all new, you'll soon be able to recharge your electric scooter with ease. The Paris City Council has launched a tender to promote the use of electric scooters and this experiment will see its debut in the capital. If this is a success, these charging stations will be able to develop and appear throughout France. 

Circuler en trottinette électrique en toute tranquillité, c’est bientôt possible

The American start-up Charge won the tender of the Paris city hall. It will soon install charging stations for electric scooters. As a result, 5 stations will be installed in Paris in the 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th arrondissements.

These self-service terminals will be universal, so 90% of the models of electric scooters on the market will be able to benefit from these terminals. With this new device, you can let your electric scooter charge while you go to eat, shop or shop.

These new "scooter parkings" will accommodate up to 12 electric scooters. In a few hours your scooter will be recharged and can continue to accompany you everywhere.

Following this call for tender, the Paris City Council has committed to create 2,500 car parks for el

Quelles trottinettes électriques pour ces bornes ?

ectric scooters. These universal charging stations will be able to charge both self-service scooters and personal scooters. So, whether you own your own scooter or using a self-service scooter, be sure you'll never run out of battery, ho

wever, it's not yet clear which scooter brands and models will be 100% compatible. You may not be able to charge your electric scooter if it is part of the 10% that will not be compatible with these new terminals.

More information will be available once these terminals are opened. 

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